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November 2006
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The Spider’s Web - The New World Order
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Posted by: The Saoshyant, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. @ 6:32 pm



The New World Order is like a giant spider’s web.  The controllers of the New World Order, including heads of select major governments, comprise the spider. They operate behind the scene with their puppets in place to do their bidding. 


The spider is made up of those who benefit from war (weapon’s manufacturers who are intertwined with heads of governments and super powers), who use banking, credit cards and health care systems to track and control the masses, who introduce global police forces trained by the former Hitler regime, who control through fear and manipulation (religions), who put greed and self-interest above the regard for human life (pharmaceutical companies), who have total disregard for mother earth or the disasters they wreak upon her and her inhabitants, who intentionally introduce disease and contamination to suppress people’s immune systems and kill them off, and whose agenda it is to eliminate 80% of the world population with the remaining population in bondage as controlled slave labour - a population which has lost all rights and freedoms.  Those who are of superior intelligence are afraid to speak about the knowledge of the wheels driving super power economies for fear of losing their lives. Yet, it has been proven that countries can thrive economically without involvement in war and war activity (such as Canada in the past 60 years).  

The spider weaves its web meticulously with barely visible nets to capture its prey.  The victims do not always know they have been captured until they try to extract themselves from the web’s clutches. The spider believes it calls the shots for it has entrapped its victims. It believes it rules supreme and can have its prey for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But a spider’s web is fragile and can easily be wiped out by the Great Spirit itself, by mother earth, and by those who come from afar to assist in preserving the planet.  The web is not a permanent fixture and it will not last!  Without its web, the spider soon shrivels and dies.  


Only those who are capable of spiritual reasoning will be able to have the insight to understand what has been created, the danger of the future and the harmony that can be created through spiritual awakening and empowerment, without hatred and war. 


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