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August 2006
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A Call from the Saoshyant to All of Humanity
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Posted by: The Saoshyant, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. @ 10:12 am

I call upon all people of the world to be compassionate and demand peace!

Zarathustrians/Zoroastriasns and Faithists - now is the time for you who are scattered across mother earth to come to the forefront and show the world that good thoughts, good words, good deeds, no killing and justice for all will bring the change this world so desperately needs.

We are in a new cycle of hatred.  Is humanity so confused that it has to create cycles of hatred versus cycles of compassion?  People who create war and are involved in it are so horribly selfish and uncaring.  In their arrogance, they believe that their God is the only right God - that their religion is the only right religion - that their race is the only chosen one.  Now, more than ever, humanity needs to practice and teach compassion, tolerance and kindness and to stop all killing.

Most of all, the politicians must change, especially the egotistical ones who do their grandstanding without feelings for those victimized by their actions, for they were never victims of war themselves.  Otherwise, they would never go out and bomb their neighbour or set up their country to be bombed.  There is no winning in war - not for the planet and not for the rest of humanity.  Sooner or later, all will end up poisoned by the result of experimentations done by demonic inventors of horrific, poisonous, planet-destroying weaponry.

Crazed individuals have lost connection with their inner self of who they are and who created them.  Even demons were created whole at one time.  This is the time for every man, woman and child to stand up and protest this war in the Middle East and not stand by and proclaim self-rigtheousness whether they are Jewish, Arab, Palestinian, African, American, British, Canadian or other nationalities.  People are people and need to start to think of each other as human beings without politics involved.

I call upon all people of good soul and of good spirit to protest this war.  I hope you help me to send this message on to every man, woman and child so that on the 19th of August everyone will stop driving their cars for 24 hours as an awareness raising action to highlight the greed of oil and to light a candle and take to the streets to show respect for all the precious souls who need to be remembered - the victims of war and man-orchestrated starvation and sickness.  I am calling you to participate - to awaken the politicians of earth to stop the game playing and demand an immediate end to this war.

If not stopped, there will be devastation from depleted uranium drifting on clouds around the plant - taken by winds and filtered into your aquifers, oceans and streams.  Your water supply will become horrifically contaminated. Devastation from experimentation using energy/other new weapons are  being reported in Lebanon.  Is this the testing ground for weapons that are intended for use in global war?

You, as humanity, will be the possible recipients in the future of the monstrous warmongers, weapon manufacturers and population controllers who will wreak greater devastation that Hitler created.  The powers that be are assessing which race or races can stay upon the planet to serve them in their dark occult power of the future.

I call upon you all.  The only way to save your planet and all of humanity is through love and compassion and banishing of all hatred and racism. Teach your children that they are all equal.  There is no superior race. 

We, the people of the future, would like to hear from other people of the future - people of change. Get in touch (  Save the planet.  Save the future.  Stop the war.  No war has ever brought peace.  Racism begets racism.  Hatred begets hatred.  War begets war.  Take a stand.  People will listen to kindness and compassion.  Free everyone from wars and oil bondage. 

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Posted by: The Saoshyant, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. @ 3:55 pm

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