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June 2023
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Posted by: The Saoshyant, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. @ 8:45 pm

People are taught to believe that their sisters and brothers around the world are their enemies… that to war and kill them and destroy their lives makes them great and those in their lands rejoice.  So they war for their countries and are made great.

But an angel came and he said that the earth belongs to Jehovih - Ahura Mazda - God - Yahweh - Allah - all one great divine spirit - all one great God - and that no one owns it.  So, now make peace.  It is one world - one universe. 

2 Responses to “Patriotism”

  1. Nirmal Says:
    And the media perpetuates this. People are afraid that the person next to them will explode with unknown violation. Why? Bless you.
  2. Alan Says:
    War is started by people who do not respect life. They didn’t suddenly decide to start a war, and their attitudes towards the lives of others weren’t just developed after they got into office. Recognize the signs (symptoms of mental aberration)…. remove them from office, promptly, as soon as they advocate violence or war as a solution to anything, or their employees (departments, police etc) do not respect life or have committed an act of violence. Fascist acts and attitudes (like overt patriotism and nationalism) infect otherwise democratic governments (usually within ones that are republican). Yet democratic governments do not start wars, unless they are infected by fascism. Secrecy is one of the BIGGEST tools of fascism (but many countries do not see this and foster secrecy for flimsy reasons). The symptoms of fascism are counted in dozens of reprehensible behaviours or actions, mostly violent, underhanded (lacking integrity), yet supportive of the ‘fatherland’ (or corporation, party or brotherhood) in selfless appearing, self-serving ways. Don’t leave nations to police the behavior of their politicians. Have the UN do it (after it is fully democratic)… ie. no more vetoes in the Security Council. Then enact JFK’s Blueprint for the Peace Race and get rid of all weapons of mass destruction in all armies. Decommission all armies except 3 or 4, and commission them to be answerable to the UN, until no more weapons of war exist, and democracy is found in all nations, then abolish those armies too. All this can be complete in 10 years, except the policing, that might take a few decades. The timeline could be delayed somewhat with the onset of a lot of (foreseen) disasters and other disruptions to life, not the least of which will be the trials of the perpetrators of 911, some 10-11,000 of them (not Arabs) to be sentenced for their crime of treason… and stripped of their vast amounts of ill-gotten wealth.

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